Applied professionG
@1. Coating aridity industries, spraying or coating hothouse
@2. Timber aridity industries, ceramics shaping aridity industries, glass aridity industries
@3. Battery aridity industries, electronic parts aridity industries
@4.l Factory hothouse in the frigid zone


 System meritG

@1. Clean air is obtainable by indirect heatingBreduce the emission of waste gas inside furnace
@2. Perfect effect for aridity industries demands clean air
@3. More economical running cost than power consumption
@4. Operating cost and simple maintenance


Specifications list of gas indirect air heaterG  
model burners Size of heat exchange room Max. increase heat exchange temperature Max. wind power
of heat exchange blower
Temperature control
420620 ZG-10 900L800H1250W +15Jup 230 CMM On-off
520720 ZG-15 900L800H1500W +15Jup 320 CMM High-low
520920 ZAH-20 1000L900Hma 1500W +15Jup 460 CMM High-low