Application for direct combustion type deodorizerG
Suitable for using in deodorizing of aridity of coating, food machinery, foul smell material process industries etc.,

Excellent characteristics of direct combustion deodorizerG  
Saving fuel expense because heating and deodorizing could be proceeded in the same time - the heat sources of dryer could be used and recover the waste gas while drying, then the clean and deodorant heat air will be sent back to the furnace of dryer, no fuel is wasted while operating.

High deodorant efficiency - it will cause no waste of burning decomposition because the temperature internal combustion room could be very high and reach high deodorant efficiency.

Light and compact - fireproof material does not use fire insulating bricks and casting products etc., because we use great air insulating fever installation. It is special light and compact, could be set at narrow and small places with top or bottom horizontal discharge.

Safety device and easy operation - because auto flame detectors are installed in burner safe devices it could be operated easily with safety by any person.

Both straight and horizontal type - it could be designed for the customer's demand and the places of setting equipment.

Smooth starting - it could be use and operated normally in three minutes after starting.