1. Painting for harmful quality, could be reborn after ridding of painting.
2. Powder painting for suspending implements, static electricity and spraying paint for suspending implements, electroplate paint for suspending implements.
3. Varnish hanger, remove vanish on the coil of motor.
4. Except above mention items, but also cleaning the carbonize material on the surface of metals.

NO any environmental pollution w we have much actual effects in both Taiwan and China, certainly conform to the level of emission of environmental protection.

No deterioration w heating & decompose carbonization without any oxygen, it will not make material becoming deterioration of heat, distort, change shape, wear and tear, oxidize, and move steel.

Low operation cost w less consumption of electricity due to gas heating, 220V1.5kw, low cost, without any perplexity of solvent or medicines.

safety w triple safety equipment, conform to the insurance regulation for mutual help of CNS factory

Long expiry of usage w full special material of equipment, firm and solid, durable.

High efficiency of automatic operation w unmanned full automation control, programming design, simple operation without professional preson.